My Story

Pleased to meet you!
My name is Chrissy. I was born in 1987 under the Leo star.
I am left handed, but I still love to write and smudge ink across the page.

Here are a few words about myself;

My creative career started when I became an illustrator for my high school newspaper. This is when I fell in love with the written word; next to sketching and watercolour painting, I started writing short stories and poetry. 

After high school I went on to study Events Management with a minor in marketing, aiming for a career in the fashion industry. After spending a few years as a global gypsy- slash-make-up artist-slash-barista, I finally found my roots in concept store FEE. This is where I created my own recycled clothing line ‘Dear Indie Youth’.  In 2013 I partnered up with my current business partner Angela and opened up a brand new shop with a coffee bar. A place where art, design, music, fashion & good coffee come together. After four years of buying brands & styling clients, we decided it was time to pick up a pencil and create FEE’s own fashion line: FEE – The Ages.

I am constantly chasing the rush of creation.  In 2017 I decided I did not only want to create my own image; I wanted to create someone else’s vision. I wanted to see through someone else’s eyes. Word got out and I became a concept & copywriter.

 If reading this little story makes you think we’re on the same page business wise –  then call me, baby! The sky is the limit, the world is your oyster and I promise you I won’t write in clichés.  Let’s create something new together.

I look forward to your e-mail: